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Being a father

Posted on03/12/2021

What defines a good relationship between a father and his children?

Perhaps one of the happiest moments in a man's life is when he discovers he is going to be a father. It is an exciting adventure, but in most cases it becomes a road full of doubts and insecurities. Will I know how to handle the situations that arise? Will I be up to the task? In Roberto Ley we know that the perfect parent does not exist, but we are clear that being a good parent is a matter of desire and determination. That is why, in today's post, we show you what are the characteristics that a good father should have and how to improve in some aspects of parenthood.

Being empathetic


Everyone is different, and that includes our children. Despite having been raised with our same values, there is an obvious difference between the way they have been raised and ours, with the consequent disparity in the way we think. We may not understand why certain things happen at first, but that doesn't mean we can't put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand the reasons why they reacted the way they did. Empathy is an essential characteristic for a good parent-child relationship.

Be an example

It is useless to want our children to behave in a certain way if we ourselves are not able to achieve it. Consistency is a fundamental element for the education of a child, as well as learning to use emotional intelligence correctly. It is vital to be a source of knowledge for them, so that they see in us a figure to look up to. For it, we have to have clear which are the values that we want to inculcate to them. Tolerance, respect, kindness and understanding can be some of them.



My name is Rafael Lacarcel, I am the owner of the brand Roberto Ley, I have two children of 19 and 17 years, and as an entrepreneur I have dedicated practically all my life to the business, including many business trips. This has allowed me to survive until today, with many problems and concerns that unfortunately I transferred and still transferring to my home, with the corresponding emotional burden that almost always pay the closest ones, I can not afford to give any advice, but I guarantee that time passes very quickly, too much, and the most important thing we have is the family, and in these difficult times, in which life by strange circumstances has given some of you the opportunity to be with your children, you should take advantage of it, enjoy them, play, talk, listen to music, eat or dine with them, you will appreciate it, and they more.

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