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How to clean your suede shoes

Posted on05/20/2021 by

Suede is an elegant and sophisticated material, but also very delicate, so it needs special care.

The Spanish proverb said that you can know a lot about a person by their shoes. Where are they going, where were they ... I wore a lot of shoes, "said good old Forrest Gump. His mother was right: shoes say a lot about the people who wear them.

Therefore, to give a good image, you have to wear impeccable shoes. It does not matter if you have dressed in your best suit, because if your shoes are dirty, you will lose the charm and style of the clothes you wear.

Some models are difficult to care for because of the materials from which they are made. An example is suede: colorful, sophisticated and elegant, but difficult to clean. If you follow the advice that we are going to give you below, you will know how to clean suede shoes and you will be able to wear this material that will give you a classy touch.

Before we dive into cleaning, you have to keep in mind a basic rule: always use a last when you are not wearing your shoes. This will prevent them from losing their shape and will always look new.

Use waterproof products for suede shoes

It is difficult to clean stains on suede. Therefore, the first thing you have to do, before wearing your shiny new shoes, is to apply a waterproof solution to prevent future stains. We at Roberto Ley give it to them in the factory before bundling them, but the product is not eternal and over time it disappears. You can find a similar product in any store specialized in shoe care. Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask us, we can possibly find it for you.

Removing dirt from suede shoes

Do not worry if you have already released your shoes and you have not been able to prevent them from getting dirty. If the stain is not very deep or if they just collect dust, you can easily remove it. To remove dirt, all you need is a sponge or a toothbrush with soft bristles.

You have to do it in the same direction as the hair of your suede shoe so as not to damage them and keep them looking new. If it resists, you can remove the stain from the suede by gently wiping a school eraser or, if you want to do it quickly, simply wipe a damp cloth in the same direction as the fabric.

Remove mud and liquid stains

If it has rained and mud has splashed on you or if you have gotten some liquid, it is best to wait for the stain to dry. This will make it much easier to remove the stain: just rub a little with a cloth or a delicate brush to remove it. There are some special metal bristle brushes for suede, but be careful. Do not squeeze or you will damage the skin too much.

Clean grease stains

Try not to get grease on the suede footwear, because it is very difficult to remove. But if you have not been able to avoid them, we give you some tips to eliminate it. Use a brush and apply a little ammonia. You have to be careful, do not rub too hard and, when you finish the process, let the shoe rest away from the humidity and the sun. Another trick is to wipe with a cloth moistened with a little vinegar, then let it dry and rub with a brush.

We also have a tip in case ink has gotten on your shoe: try putting a little cellophane on the stain and peel it off, you will get it to remove.

You know, do not give up on beautiful and elegant suede shoes because they are delicate, since by following these tips you will always wear them impeccable.

In any case, at Roberto Ley we will always be happy to help you with whatever you need.

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