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How to choose the right belt
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The appropriate belt

Posted on03/02/2022 by

The belt is one of the most important men's accessories and, on many occasions, unfortunately, the great forgotten one. Not only does it have a fundamental aesthetic function, it also fulfils a very important practical function, such as holding the shirt and trousers at the right height and keeping them both in place, and at the same time, being able to combine them with the matching footwear. Before choosing the most appropriate one according to your style, you should know: 1. Choose the right belt size. Because there are also sizes. The first thing you should look at is the inside label of your trousers, so you will find out what your waist size is. In case your trousers have lost the label, measure yourself with a tape measure in the belly area above your waist. Add 2 centimetres to that result to find out your final belt size. 2. Belt colour and shoe colour always go hand in hand. Brown shoes require a brown belt. And by the same rule, black shoes... black belt. 3. The length of the belt is basic. A belt that is too long looks awful. Everything has its ideal size and so do belts. With all these tips in mind, how do we choose a good belt? What should we look for? 1. The material it is made of. If you always go for leather because you love it, choose a belt made of this material. 2. The belt complements, it doesn't stand out. That is the maxim to always keep in mind. Textures and bright colours are not elegant. 3. Choose the right belt width. If you wear a suit or dress trousers, your belt should be narrow. With jeans the belt should be a little wider. The belt loops on your trousers also mark the width of your belt. Let them guide you. 4. The size of the buckle does matter. If you want to be balanced and elegant, keep in mind the rule known as the scale. This rule explains the consonance that all of a person's accessories should follow in relation to their height and build. Thus, a short man would look elegant with a small buckle; and a taller man should choose a larger one so that it doesn't look ridiculous. 5. Fit the belt in the right hole. You may not know that there is a proper way to adjust your belt. If you wear your size according to the European style, you will use the third hole, leaving two holes in the front and two holes in the back. This will balance your dress and avoid the fatal mistake of the belt flying in the wind. You should also know that there is another style, the American style, which states that the belt should be adjusted in the first or second hole. It's up to you. And finally, a word of advice: small details always make a difference. Invest in good belts and change. Just as you don't repeat outfits or shoes, renew your accessories and don't forget the belt, you'll see what a good result it gives you. Translated with (free version)

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