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Our history

Roberto Ley is the result of three generations of shoemakers in Almansa, with the obligation and commitment to follow an artisan tradition that dates back to 1951. Internationally recognized as one of the leading quality and high-end brands.

My name is Rafael Lacarcel, I am the owner of the Roberto Ley firm, I still look at the shoes in the production chain and I remember my grandfather Juan walking through it, with his tailored suit, his hat and of course, his greatest pride, his shoes. Spotless, flawless, he should be 80 by now, but he still should be there.

The beginning

Like every great story, the beginnings are quite complicated. In our case, it all began after a terrible civil war in Spain that finally ended in 1939. My grandfather Juan Lacarcel Gil, who at that time was 29 years old, began to rebuild his life.

The city of Almansa, which had had an important relationship with footwear, gave the opportunity to start a new beginning in this sector, my grandfather contacted one of those companies, which offered him its collection of footwear for the north of Spain, specifically Castilla, Asturias and Galicia, thus beginning its journey in this sector.

As there were not many cars or money to buy them, the trips were made by train, carrying the shoes in trunks, with their corresponding wooden pins for each shoe, so you can imagine the weight of each trunk. The trips lasted for months since the trips were very expensive and long-lasting, each season could last about three months.

Once time passed and having a good relationship established with many clients, who were already friends, he managed to improve his economy a lot, being able to buy a car, his first car, from the American Ford brand, specifically the Cuba.

Being very young, he told me as an anecdote, which seemed like an adventure movie to me, how I had to climb the mountain passes, with a car loaded with suitcases that ran out of power, driving in reverse. Right now it is unthinkable, but for him it was the only solution to reach his destination.

Between 1955 and 1956, seeing the possibility of establishing himself on his own, he began to make his own shoes in the courtyard of the Almansa house, where my grandmother Elia (his wife) cut, sewed and he finished them. Thus they managed to progress until 1959, after years traveling and increasing their sales, he had to consider setting up a factory in conditions to meet the orders that came to him, with which he moved to a place where he established his first shoe factory. .

Unfortunately, in 1960, when the factory had practically just opened, my grandfather suffered the first of three heart attacks that he had. At that time and with practically no experience, my father had to take the reins of the business when he was only 16 years old, thus having to leave his studies to dedicate himself fully to the factory. My grandfather recovered thanks to God, but he was already more limited in his functions.

My father was really the architect of the consolidation of the company. His effort and dedication managed to maintain the tradition and the determination to overcome adversity and achieve a goal.

And so, learning from the best teachers that life can give you, the essence of creating a brand is born that transmits to our articles, all those experiences acquired and inherited over time, in terms of quality, materials, handcrafted finishes, design and tradition. Those are the sensations that I try to reflect in each pair of shoes so that, when you wear Roberto Ley, you think that behind each footstep there is a story that I have allowed myself the luxury of telling you.

Identity signs

Tradition and innovation are the hallmarks of Roberto Ley, a brand that offers comfortable, elegant and exclusive footwear, combining artisan manufacturing with personalized finishes, aimed at satisfying our customers.

Today, due to the continuous evolution of the market, we have become a company adapted to the times, equipped with the necessary technology to face new challenges and where the artisanal part of the elaboration of the product has not been neglected. footwear, resulting in a symbiosis of style and comfort.

Our goal is to continue evolving, as we have done so far, in the entire footwear production process, as well as in the design and quality of our products.




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